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Pen Cam

Pen Cam

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Record Discretely

The Cam Pen looks identical to a normal pen, and it gives no indication that anything special is going on. (Camera highlighted in product pictures)

- It's a simple one button operation, click the silver button once and start recording!

- Records when any motion is detected and creates a loop video.

- There are zero flashing lights or any obvious signs it is a camera!


The Cam Pen is 100% safe and secure against anyone who isn't connected to your wifi and dosen't have access to your password. 

High Quality

- The Cam Pen shoots 1080p at 60 Frames per Second, so don’t worry about choppy footage in your videos.

- The wide angle lens allows the recording to capture the entire room in one video.

- Supports up to a 128 GB Micro SD card and lasts up to 2 hours on one charge!

- The actual pen part has a smooth ball point tip which glides across paper. Don’t worry many ink cartridges come with your order!

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