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Wax Stick

Wax Stick

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Keep Your Hair Perfectly in Place Anytime, Anywhere!

Achieve the Iconic Slicked Back Look to perfection!

A smooth thin consistency, the Wax Stick™ is all you need to keep any hairstyle in place all day, and tame those fly aways and frizzy bits. Effective even on the most unruly of hair types!

The Wax Stick™ provides an invisible and seamless finish, securing every hair in place without leaving an visible residue, even the baby ones that have minds of their own! 

No more Fly Aways or Frizzy Bits!

Keeps Hair Secure, Soft and Fresh, No Hardening Effect

The Wax Stick™ keeps hairs in place all throughout the day, while keeping it soft and fresh. No need for those greasy gels or hairsprays anymore! The Wax Stick™ is thin, completely non-greasy, 100% invisible, does not leave residue and will not harden on the hair. Take your hair down at any time and your hair will remain fresh and lively. Plus it is washes out effortlessly.


 Contains beeswax, Castor Oil, Avocado oil and natural plant ingredients to nourish the hair, safe and non-irritating to the scalp.  

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