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Cam Charger

Cam Charger

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99% Detectable

The Charge Cam looks virtually identical to a normal charger, and besides the micro SD card in the back, it gives no indication that anything special is going on. (Camera highlighted in product pictures)

Easy to Use

From tech wizards to your average set of grandparents, anyone can use the Charge Cam. Whether your using the phone application or the SD card, the Charge Cam was designed for everyone!


The Charge Cam is 100% safe and secure against anyone who isn't connected to your wifi and dosen't have access to your Lookcam password. So unless someone finds the SD card in the back, your good!

What's Included?

In each of our carefully assembled packages, you will find not only the Charge Cam and our complete and easy to understand instruction manual, but also an 8 GB micro SD card, and the reader for the card.

About Us

Ever since we launched in 2018, our goal has been to manufacture our product as cheap as possible while maintaining our high quality standards. Initially retailing at $120 we are proud to say that we have now been able to cut that amount in half and then some all because of our amazing customers. Thanks for helping us in bringing home security to a new level!

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