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Sleep Saver Smart Anti-Snoring Device

Sleep Saver Smart Anti-Snoring Device

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Shake your Snoring, For Good 

  • Treat the cause of unhealthy snoring and get restful sleep.
  • Improve your breathing and get quiet, snore-free sleep.
  • Adjustable to open your airway for improved breathing.
  • Custom molded teeth impressions for a comfortable fit.


Save Your Relationship

Help you and your bed partner sleep peacefully without the annoying sounds and unhealthy effects of snoring.


Effortless Breathing & Better Sleep

VitalSleep works the first night to target the cause of snoring to improve breathing.

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Adjustable Jaw Positioning

Its patented and adjustable design is FDA-cleared to comfortably and optimally advance your jaw and tongue positioning to open your airway.



Restful Sleep Guaranteed

Try it risk free for 60 nights. Start improving your sleep the first night without timely, expensive doctor visits.

Safe And Effective

It's hypoallergenic, BPA-free, latex-free, doesn't contain any metal, and it's made in the USA.


Personalized adjustment for your lower jaw up to 8mm. Targeting, and eradicating snoring.

Works For 90% Of Users

End embarrassing and unhealthy snoring so you can stop feeling tired and wake up well-rested.

Targets The Cause Of Snoring

Its innovative design will help prevent the blockage of your airway so you can breathe easily and quietly.

Doctor Recommended

Used by medical professionals for 10 years, VitalSleep has helped hundreds of thousands of snorers get better sleep.

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